Cozy Up - Your Winter Home Maintenance Guide


As the mercury drops and snowflakes start to dance, it's time to prep your rental for the winter wonderland ahead. Don't worry, we've got your back with these easy-peasy maintenance tips that'll keep you toasty warm!

Keep Your Furnace Breathing: Check the Vent Termination Outside

Winter is here, and your furnace is about to become your best friend. But even your furnace needs a little TLC to keep you warm and cozy. One crucial task is making sure the furnace vent termination outside is clear. Here’s why and how to do it:

Why It Matters

In our wild Alberta winters, where temperatures can swing from +10°C to -25°C overnight, your high-efficiency furnace works hard to keep you warm. It burns fuel super efficiently, which is great for the environment, but it also creates condensation. This condensation can freeze and build up as frost and ice, especially around the vent termination outside.

The Risk

If ice blocks the vent, it can cause your furnace to shut down for safety reasons. Think of it like plugging in your car on those frigid nights – it’s essential! A blocked vent means no heat, and nobody wants that when it’s -25°C outside.

Your Daily Task

Check the vent daily: It only takes a few minutes to ensure your furnace can "breathe." Here’s what to do:

  • Locate the vent: Find where your furnace vents outside.
  • Clear any ice or snow: Gently remove any buildup around the vent. A clear vent ensures proper airflow and keeps your furnace running smoothly.

Pro Tip

Make it a habit to check the vent every day, especially after a snowfall or a sudden temperature drop. A few minutes of your time can prevent a chilly emergency and keep your home warm and comfortable all winter long.

Thermostat TLC: Your Winter Comfort Command Center

Hey there, cozy-seekers! Let's talk about the unsung hero of your winter warmth – your thermostat. This little gadget is like the DJ of your home's climate, so let's make sure it's spinning the right tunes!

Heat Mode Activation

First things first, let's get that thermostat in the mood for winter:

  1. Locate your thermostat (it's not playing hide and seek, we promise!)
  2. Look for the "HEAT" setting and flip that switch like you're turning on the dance floor
  3. Now, crank up the temperature just a smidge above what your room feels like right now

Pro Tip: If you hear your furnace kick on within a few minutes, give yourself a high five – your thermostat's got the winter groove!

Battery Boogie

If your thermostat runs on batteries, it's time for the annual battery swap dance:

  1. Pop open that thermostat (gently now, it's not a piñata)
  2. Replace those batteries faster than you can say "brrrr"
  3. Close it up and do a little victory shimmy

Remember: Fresh batteries = reliable heating all winter long. It's like giving your thermostat a energy drink to keep the party going!

By keeping your thermostat in tip-top shape, you're not just ensuring a warm home – you're becoming the maestro of your indoor climate. So go ahead, conduct your symphony of warmth, and enjoy your cozy Edmonton winter!

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